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The Inspection Tree

What would you have said a year ago if a friend asked you "Hey, next time you buy a house will you get an inspection?" You'd probably respond with "Yes, of course". What if they then asked "What is an inspection, what do they actually do?" Maybe it just sounds like the right thing to do, but you've never needed to give it much thought.

It's really simple if you use a tree as an image to describe the inspection process.

The roots are the base of the tree. This is where the inspector's dedication, passion & love for inspections are found. This could also be called the "Why". Why we do what we do. Why we love our work & even after doing three inspections in a day we take the time to walk around a home & explain everything to you our clients. For us Why is simple: We love serving people & educating them on homes.

The trunk is the guiding principles, the direction the tree grows in. This is where the inspector's skill set, training, experience, discernment & knowledge reside. Also known as the "How". How do we inspect, how do we form our opinion & pull the facts out of the home. This is where our guiding principles come from: Is it working & safe for everyone. From that trunk or guiding principles all the branches grow. A main branch would be the foundation, another the electrical systems, the HVAC branch would be a favorite for most Texans! Is it working & safe for everyone, with these in mind we look at everything in your home. Starting at, is the foundation working & providing the "good bones" that everyone wants, all the way to, does the pool have the safety features that will make it a safe environment for a family.

The branches of the tree are the different components of the inspection: the plumbing system, the kitchen appliances, the roof & so on. These are the "What" of an inspection. Everyone sees these items & everyone knows that these have to be inspected. We enjoy nothing more than finding out the condition, operation & installation of the systems in your home. For example with the HVAC equipment what we look for includes: the discharge temperatures & differentials, after running the system for an hour is there a "warm" room, what does the air handler & compressor look & sound like, what is the condition of the equipment, is it older & nearing the end of its useful life along with many more details. The What is the connection point between you & us. You know these things need to be inspected, we know why & how to inspect them.

You see when you love serving & educating people as much as we do, the work of inspecting homes really is the right thing to do.


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